What are your expectations for budget 2023?

Do you guys think this budet is going to have a great impact on the income tax slabs for an individual?

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Hi @RonakSavla, hope you’re well. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you here on Dhan Community!

Before I answer this, a disclaimer - this is my personal opinion and not of Dhan. :slight_smile:

Source - Moneycontrol

Let’s understand what we know so far:

  1. Budget 2020 saw the current Finance Minister last bring out the much requested tax slab changes (refer image above)
  2. She also brought an interesting change on Budget 2021 - where taxpayers who were unaware about the myriad deductions could opt for the new tax regime, however there were no change in existing tax slabs.
  3. Budget 2022 didn’t offer any relief either, with an added focus on crypto and post-tax error conciliation.

There are media reports that there might be a reduction (finally) in tax rates in Budget 2023. While there is no official claim by the government, our Finance Minister made a statement that she understood the pressures of the middle class.

I feel that there might not be any change in the existing tab slabs (at least for the lower tax slabs). Instead, a lot of us are expecting some favourable announcements that help reduce the tax burden of investors (LTCG) and super traders (STT) on Dhan. :rocket:

What do you think @RonakSavla?