What is the estimated time frame for Smallcase integration with Dhan?

It’s been a few months since I first came across a community post where it was answered that the team is working on Smallcase integration. I understand these things take time, but can someone familiar with the matter give an approximate time frame for the Smallcase integration to be live? Because, I am planning to invest in one of the momentum strategies on Smallcase and would like to use a separate demat account for that, since the smallcase is a high churn portfolio (other demat accounts I have holds stocks I bought for the long term and due to FIFO rule, a momentum strategy will really mess that up). If there’s a chance that the Smallcase integration can be live within the next few months, I can hold off starting the momentum strategy or else I’ll have to go forward with using my other demat account which already holds my long term shares.

Hi @DrAesthetic
Welcome to the community. We are working on integrating Dhan & smallcase and both the team is committed to deliver fast. Be assured smallcases will be available on Dhan platform.

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Hi @Naman Any update on the integration with smallcase ?

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Any updates about smallcase integration? I am one waiting for it

It’s close to completion. I will surely let you know once we release it.

Hi @Vignesh_N @DrAesthetic @Saurabh

Smallcase is now available on Dhan with a seamless investing experience. Read more on this here: Now Live: Smallcase. Invest in ideas via smallcase on Dhan. For FREE, and with a seamless experience