What's on your roadmap?

Hello and good day! I came across Dhan recently and am quite liking what you guys have made, and am quite excited to see someone that cares about empowering retail investors with a superior trading experience. Thank you very much for what you’re doing!
Now, I know the product is relatively new and you have a ways to go (and you are working towards getting there). I am an investor currently using Zerodha and would love to completely switch over to Dhan. While I am currently exploring whether Dhan serves all my needs, what would help my decision is to know whether the features I need are in development.
E.g. if share buybacks as a feature are not coming in the near future, I may not wish to switch over, but would choose to wait instead.
I am sure there are others like me that have qualms about switching over to a new broker, but knowing what you are working on next would greatly help. Would it be possible for you to publish your roadmap (not necessarily with timelines) so we can know (and perhaps even vote on) what comes next? It would help us plan when to fully switch over as well.

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Agreed. I too love to trading on TV. Just created an account in Dhan but as my required features are not yet implemented, I am not started trading on Dhan.

Thanks for the note @anand and welcome to Dhan community.

We have hinted about what we are working on a few times, I did on Twitter as well in December. I am being very frank here - we are seeing some of our features are getting copy-pasted now by some of the large and leading broking platforms now. Some of them never bothered changing their products for years together. I believe Dhan is miles ahead on them, what we managed to build in past 10 months is much more than what others have in 10 years.

While it is great to know competition is taking notice and following us closely, it also means we have to now be little reserved about our plans. At the end of the day, we are an early stage startup and have a long journey ahead.

Will we have all features in next few months? Yes, all and much more. We have to build many advanced , as well as many basic features as well.

Every week we try to ship something new to Dhan. At times we announce, at times we see how users are adopting it, and we update them accordingly. Even at this moment, we have over 200+ requests from users and we have made note of every single one of them.

Along with that, what I can assure you is - we will be the most customer centric investing platform in India and definitely the quality of features, products, offerings and experience on any of Dhan platforms - web, app or integrations with partners like TradingView will be much ahead of the curve.

Thank you for your trust in Dhan. We are very thankful for same.

More to come


Completely, agree with you, I just stumbled upon DHAN and still sticking to it mainly for the Stability, Transparent Pricing , UI !

These are my views–>

  1. Copy paste culture is in trend now , but I would say there’s nothing wrong, it is gaining customers here, for them it is about retaining or else they see a churn.

At the end of the day, what DHAN has achieved within a short period is commendable, please take time but stable ->always up platform is the key and the attraction here ! pls maintain it going forward too


Thanks @pavz for understanding. We are on this.

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True that, a robust platform is primary, rest else are secondary in my opinion. Hope you keep improving the product.

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Yes, improving Dhan by the day.

Welcome to our community @Chillax28.