Why amount is not ready/available for Trade


Here I’m facing issue when I Squared off Option Stock today which I bought yesterday. The amount which I received After square-Off during trading hours that wasn’t available to trade in Currency immediately, but the amount is showing in funds as Available.
Why You are not allowing one segment amount(OPTSTK) to another segment(OPTCUR) in same day/Immediately.?
You can block that for Withdrawal but Should allowed to trade. Because one might find an opportunity in option Currency sometimes or in option stocks vice-versa but ultimately Funds should be allowed to trade instead of waiting for NEXT DAY.

Please develop a System in Traders favour, Not as you Wish.!!

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Hi @Tarachand

At all times Dhan will show you the Margin Available and Margin Used on its platforms, be it app or on the website. Additionally you can view the detailed breakup of same on the Margin Summary section.

Please note all the margin rules are as prescribed by the exchanges & regulations. Broking platforms like us or anyone cannot decide this on their own, these are standard provisions by regulations that we have to adhere with.

Hope this helps.

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For Instance I have 50K (25K already exists and 25K added by closing position on OptionCurrency).
Now I’m trying to place an order in OptionIndex like nifty for around +45K, but order has been rejected?
It throws error as insufficient funds of +20k Only available to trade is 25K.

How can we know that the Available Amount to trade in specific sector during runtime trading.
Should we mandatorily go and hit the error and come to know that this the only available amount for trading?

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Yes, this is correct @Tarachand. We limit usage in the same category, if you have traded in currency, the benefit can be used in currency segment, not in options. Brokers are supposed to maintain limits for clients and for by the segments, I understand this was permitted earlier by some brokers - but given the margin usage and segregation requirements, and as consequence of which results in penalties to clients or us as stock broking platforms, we have a conservative approach here. Thank you

Thanks for your reply @PravinJ

Atleast make a API for category wise available limit
i.e response like
Total available balance: 60000
Available for currency: 24000
Available for option: 36000
Today stats[
Opening balance: 40000
Unrealized P/L: 10236.6
Realized P/L: 20000

Or atleast make an update to the existing FUND LIMIT API call


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