Why in 4 hour or shorter timeframe I cannot see charts data of more than 6-7 months?

I am trying to plot 4-hour or less timeframe by launching https://tradingview.dhan.co/ , but could not see past candles before 4-Aug-21. Could you please fix this as 4-hour or less timeframe is an important timeframe for any trading?

Please look into the below screenshot.

Hi @Dhananjaya
Dhan was formally launched in Nov '21. We started recording intraday data from Aug '21, so we are showing you from that day. We are evaluating the other possibilities as well to give more historical intraday data. Although for daily and above timeframes, we have data since inception.

hello @Naman
Since, we are in a bear market now we need previous data of atleast 2 years to mark the important levels during our analysis which helps us to take targets so it would be great if dhan can provide atleast previous 2 years data on all timeframes.