Wifi order feature is available now. Can someone please elaborate it?

What I understand from this is that orders will be placed through the app on our mobile phones when both devices are connected through the same wifi network.

Hi @SmallCapHunter welcome back, good to see you after a while.

Please wait while we roll this feature to all platforms. We are doing same for Web platforms now, once deployed we will turn on for mobile app as well.

More details in launch announcement, soon.


Waiting for it. Thanks

Hi @PravinJ I was trying out the wifi feature yesterday and it looks innovative at first glance. However, I am unable to comprehend the applications of it. In TV terminal there’s scalper and instant orders, on Dhan web there a whole order window.

How does it help a swing trader? I am unable to generate a use-case so far as far as my strategies are concerned. Which segment of traders does it benefit exactly? If you could please elaborate.


@SmallCapHunter @thisisbanerjee https://youtu.be/oamgDuOS_SY

More on this here - Introducing: Dhan WiFi - Your Personal Network for Instant Order on all Devices

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Hello @PravinJ :slightly_smiling_face:

I really appreciate the WiFi feature on Dhan, but I haven’t found much use for it since the TFC feature is already available on both Dhan web and tv.dhan.co. Placing and modifying orders directly from the chart is much more convenient than doing so from my phone.

It would be more useful for me if the charts on tv.dhan.co synced with the financial page (quarterly results) on Dhan web or on the Dhan app. This way, I could view both the charts and the fundamental data at the same time.

What do you think about this idea? @thisisbanerjee


@Champion_Trader Still unsure how to put it to use in my case atleast. While enabling the feature, it only lets you enter the position but it doesn’t show a single screen data which also contains existing position details (if any) for the selected scrip.

I think Dhan wifi is a USP that would help Dhan sell more accounts, but for me personally it is a ‘good-to-have’ feature rather than ‘need-to-have’.

Initially before launch I expected it to be a single screen order management system which would incorporate the aspects of both position management and order placement but this is just a sync.


Maybe Dhan will extend this feature in the future