Will APIs be se supported for MF?

Will Dhan APIs support buying or redeeming mutual funds? I’ve automated most of my investments, but I still need a solution for opportunistic buys, especially when it comes to mutual funds. The issue is that there are no ETFs for certain indices, so I have to use the mutual fund route. For instance, when an opportunity arises, I want to purchase a NIFTY-IT-based mutual fund for a long swing.

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Hi @sv28 MF is just around the corner, and our primary task on this is to ship the first version out and optimise for product experience and customer satisfaction.

To be honest, we haven’t really thought about MF APIs as yet - I think we will get there at some point of time. I do not want to commit as of now, specially because we are delayed on MF launch. That said, your usecase is legit, I think there would be many users who would want to optimise for this.


Hey, any possibilities of this launching soon? Just to trigger an MF order. Payment can get deducted from previously setup mandate