Without GTT Order any demat is useless for swing trader

Friend of mine use Dhan. I checked out Dhan App in his mobile. And I like this App very much. specially that part which is no third party website open, everything inbuilt in this app itself. Then I ask him that would you recommend me this app. he said no, because this app not good for swing trader because gtt order sell side is not available. So thats why I not open account yet.
but I like this app very much. Please provide GTT order sell side also. because without GTT order any Demat account useless for me or like me swing trader.

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Thanks for your kind words @singh and of your friend as well. We have requests to build Forever Orders (GTT) for sell side and are evaluating this.

We just launched a few weeks back, but actively taking feedback from our users and building our features they ask over this time. This one is definitely on our list of things to do.

On GTT order why only buy price is showing ? I was expecting to bring stoploss and target along with entry price in single order. Just like upstox


Hello @Pradhan

We have enable sell-side forever order for DDPI enabled accounts. If you have enabled DDPI, you will able to add forever sell orders.

On OCO forever orders (to add Stoploss and Target together), we are working on this already. We plan to release this soon.

My suggestion is…

In single order (buy limit/stoploss / target) should be available. Just like bracket order…refering to upstox GTT order functionality

Not like buying limit order different…
Then SL and target order different…

It will really save time… If all in one order is available