Wow, Rs 3+ slippage on a Rs500 stock. Die Retail traders! Die!

This is the worst experience ever on a broker. I used the quick trade button to place a buy order on SBIN at market price trading somewhere at 490+. The order got filled at 494+. 0.74% slippage, 70+ pips loss on entry on an instrument having about 0.05 to 0.15 spread at the relevant time

There is obviously no room for any retailer to profit from any move such as that.

Do you want me to quit???:angry::angry::angry:

If you want proof, I sent the video to CS email.

If you still did not get it, I will post it on YouTube so you can check it.

hi, when an order is placed as market order, it is executed on exchange at the price that is available at that moment.

I just looked at SBIN scrip for today, post 12:30 PM the stock price was below 494. Your posted this an hour back, and the price has stayed below that around the same time. If you can email us the order Id on, team can assist in detail.

Already mailed the video. I experienced it thrice. Twice while trading and third time to record it for you people to review. That kind of trade is freaking me out.

Hi @premdhan I took a look at the video shared with team.

You have taken position in SBI earlier in the day Buy (50 x 500.95) and Sell (50 x 498.00).
Your next leg on this transaction was Buy (50 x 491.40) and Sell (50 x 491.40)

When you were looking at the positions after second transaction, the avg price saw shown for both set of trades, which is correct price. When intraday position is taken multiple times, the P&L and averages will show for all trades, not just that leg. Hope this clarifies your doubt, we take utmost care of our transaction systems on Dhan.


Please refer to summary of trades on 0:15 frame in the video you shared. Thank you.

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Oh, does it work like that? That’s totally new. Never saw it anywhere before.
Sorry if I made a mess out of nothing.

Absolutely no worries, its our job to explain how trading systems work. No worries, enjoy your Dhan experience and keep sharing your feedback with us.

Yes, if you take multiple positions, this is how it works !
This is a learning for all !
Please learn maths before entering the markets otherwise you will yell at others, while you lack the very basic knowledge about maths !

@Dhan Good work in explaining !

@Saurabh, I got my knowledge from Dhan. The issue was the interface was showing average of the trades and not the active individual trade.
Somewhere else I saw separate PNL for completed trades and active trades.
I was expecting that it work like that here. No question of maths involved here.

Don’t be a smartass and take jibe at others in such disrespectful manner. Novices are always learning. But novices don’t need your advice. Keep your advice to yourself.