Xirr of a stock

any way to see xirr of a stock ?
mutual fund ok but for stock, cant find it

Hi @krishag

It is available if you have a portfolio then go to Returns section :-

Pls see both the images attached. its showing zero for both xirr & cagr.

@Divyesh pls check the ss

Hi @krishag

Let me review this with our team, we will update you shortly.

Hi @krishag

This should be good now, please check

same. pls see

@Divyesh pl check the ss

@Divyesh Pls reply to this thread as well


We have already raised this with our team, be assured we will update you once it gets resolved.

Kindly also make XIRR and CAGR availble for overall portfolio, so one could know how his/her portfolio with all sort of investments is doing in comparison to stock market.

Hi @AG001

We are currently exploring in a similar direction. We will keep you updated on any developments in this regards.

Product @ Dhan

Hi @AG001

Thank you for sharing your suggestion. We have noted your feedback to implement XIRR and CAGR calculations for the overall portfolio.

any update ? on this

Dear Sir

Any update ? the xirr is still not visible

Hi @krishag

Our team is working on it, we will update you once it gets fixed

sir till now not resolved.

any ETA for this ?

@krishag This will take some more time due to external dependencies. However, it is already in our Product roadmap to be picked.