Alerts via tradingview

It would be great if we could add alerts from the charts themselves. Going back and forth from tradingview to create alerts is cumbersome.

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Hi @sv28, welcome to Dhan

Just wanted to check if you are aware of this, webhooks from Dhan - Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

You can use your existing TradingView account and its settings, and place orders on Dhan. I understand you want to add Alerts from TradingView, we will check if its available in the library that we have integrated.

Thanks for the prompt reply, @PravinJ

Webhook alerts seem to directly place orders. However, I want to get alerted so that I can manually see the conditions and then take a position. Integration of the current alerts system on dhan with TV would be fantastic.

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In trading view free plan. Data is delayed, so we will get false/delayed alerts. Its very dangerous to do intra day trade based on these alerts. However we can trade on daily or more higher time-frame, but I don’t know whether with webhook we can created forever/GTT order.

Correct me if I am wrong…

Any update on this request? I guess its pending for long now.

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+1 Any updates on this request?

Hi @NitinVerma @sv28

Current list of product features we are working on is listed here: Upcoming Features: in July & August 2022 on Dhan

We haven’t picked this one yet, and there are limitations on the TradingView library we use.

Nice additions to existing features. But adding this alert feature to would be greatly appreciated. It will make life much easier if we are able to add alerts straight from this website.