Can we trade options on platform (not on

I have connected dhan account in Tradingview trading panel. But I didn’t find any Index options category. where should I get option charts in trading view? Please guide.

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Native tradingview ( doesn’t have option data. So u cannot directly see option charts and trade with it. However u can analyse index / futures and place orders in options via Tradingview webhook integration with Dhan.

Hi @yeskola you can trade options on via Webhooks. Here is a detailed video on this -

How to Set Webhook Alerts -

We are soon bringing new updates to Webhooks. Stay tuned!

Tradingview has enabled option charts, but I am getting this error when placing an order from it:
Screen Shot 2024-03-23 at 9.13.48 PM

Also, On the April Futures chart of Banknifty, I am getting the below error:

Hi @paekut Prateek

TradingView has enabled Options Charts only for view, not for transactions.

Okay. So is there a way that I place an order on the chart of Spot Banknifty to be executed as an ATM option bought? or even Futures?

Similarly if I set a stoploss on spot Banknifty chart, which when hit, exits that bought option at market price?

Awaiting response please @PravinJ as this is important to me… :woozy_face:

Hi @paekut You can use webhooks for such transactions. Do check them.

Spent time on Webhooks some time back but implementation is a challenge. Support team wasn’t ready to help, asked multiple times.

@t7support @vssaurabh can help you out with webhooks!

@paekut how were you trying to use webhooks - was it using manual tv alerts or via pine scripts ?

have you referred these

@yeskola this is now live - Introducing: Options Trading now live on with Dhan

@paekut this is now live - Introducing: Options Trading now live on with Dhan

When I try to place the order on the chart on Banknifty, it’s not letting me and saying “Non Tradeable Symbol”. Attaching screenshot.

I was hoping for something like I described Can we trade options on platform (not on - #6 by paekut

yes we can trade on tv easily by putting chart on it i have taken trade last trading session of banknifty expiry i request to dhan team to get option chain directly on tv to get easier @PravinJ @shraddha

Hi @paekut You are on spot chart of NIFTY BANK which itself cannot be traded. You will have to get to a chart of the Futures or any of Call / Put Scrip of the underlying spot index to trade.

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So Shraddha tagged me due to which I thought that what I want is launched which isn’t the case probably.

@paekut It is launched, just that you are attempting to trade on a spot index.

Not sure it is. I have already described the need above - Can we trade options on platform (not on - #6 by paekut