Introducing: Options Trading now live on with Dhan

Hello Everyone,

We, at Dhan have been working closely with teams at TradingView to build incredibly great features coupled with trade execution especially for Traders in India.

Dhan and TradingView, together have been great partners to bring innovative features and capabilities to benefit traders in India, this time around we are extremely excited to bring to you something for the first time ever globally, for traders who simply love TradingView and Dhan.

Yes, we know Traders love their charts and at Dhan we have been working closely with the TradingView team to build the best experience for all Dhan users from our early days. There are many incredible features that we introduced for charts:

As we know, Indian Traders do scalping, build strategies and hedge all on Options, and not having Options Charts on their preferred charting platform was the biggest pain point for traders.

Over the past months, we have worked with the TradingView team to finally introduce Options Charts directly on And not just this, we have even integrated the most required feature for all Indian Traders.

Introducing: Options Trading on with Dhan for the first time Globally.

Now, you can simply connect your Dhan account with and trade in all NSE Options instruments / contracts.

With this, you can use all features of TradingView with your favourite indicators and strategies, on Options Charts and even execute orders on your Dhan Account with a single click on charts.

Taking a moment to also acknowledge the love of our traders in India:

Go try out Options Trading now on TradingView with Dhan :+1:

Note: Accessing features depends on your subscription plan on TradingView. Dhan simply helps you to place orders and execute trades with ease from TradingView.

Let us know your feedback as we keep on building incredible products and features for the Indian Trading community.

Thank You


Tech giant means that is @Dhan :100:

If the Tradingview offer the option chain like, that will be the great thing. we can easily select the options and execute the trades

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The scalping page need to be redesigned current version taking free space all over

Large quantity option orders aren’t executing in tradingview,
It shows freeze quantity error :relieved:

Great initiative :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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You will have to execute that in parts on TradingView, otherwise from any Dhan platforms.

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drop and drag order not available

Good news… But my first experience trading directly on TradingView is mixed.


  1. Chart/candles lags a lot.
  2. Selecting the Options strike price is cumbersome
  3. Only 1 layout and 1 timeframe we can use as free users
  4. Frequent disconnections issue if we use multiple browser tabs.
  5. Bracket Order is not possible
  6. No scalper feature etc etc


  1. We are able to use community indicators (only two :wink:)

Overall review
I think the cons clearly outweigh the pros. Trading on is far more comfortable…unlike any other platforms. However, I have one request. Why not add TradingView community script/indicators to Dhan. Or allow us to use Pine Scipt. This will be a big boost to Dhan. If this is not possible, please add Trendline with Breaks Indicator by Lux Algo to Dhan. TrendWave with Crosses which hqs been added to Dhan is also really helpful. Please @PravinJ bhai, add this Trendline with Breaks to Dhan.

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Thanks for the kind words @thetribaltrader. We plan to keep improving the experience on as well.

The feedback you mentioned for TradingView, our team will share with them. It’s their first iteration, give them time and they will improve. Looking back, I guess even we were below average when we got started. There are limitations to extend Community Scripts to Dhan, but we do keep adding more of them to Dhan from time to time… otherwise lot of traders on Dhan use webhooks to trade based on their own setups + fav indicators & scrips from TradingView.


another first one, dhan team is on fire :fire:

bracket order not available please provide that

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Have you guys checked this feature? What’s your feedback?

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