Quick Update: Login to Dhan is now more faster, specially for Traders on web platforms

Hi All,

While we may be going bit slow on feature updates these days, we are doing massive changes on underlying technology and infrastructure to upgrade them for scale - and also make experience faster on Dhan.

One big change which we mentioned recently were major updates to speed of execution on trades on Dhan via our in-house trading platform - DEXTs; more on that here: Dhan: Understanding Order Execution Performance, Speeds and Response Times on DEXT

This week we have also upgraded the overall login experience to Dhan, specially visible to Traders who use Dhan on our Web platforms:

Along with login, the complete experience of Login with QR is also much much faster than before.

I guess not many of our new users are aware of few quick shortcuts that Dhan app has to login faster, do check this one - Now Login Faster to Dhan Web platforms with Quick Mobile App Shortcuts ⚡

We also are happy to see many users now Trading Directly via TradingView, specially on Options Trading that we enabled recently: Introducing: Options Trading now live on TradingView.com with Dhan

More exciting features like Dhan WiFi are coming you way - in case you haven’t see this: Coming Soon: Dhan WiFi 💪

Thank you


Ya noticed that the login is faster now…Thanks

First improve chart. Chart loading on high speed internet. Need improvement in chart for instant open


Hi @Vishal664 Charts are being improved at Dhan always. Our teams have received your email along with the video and have responded to you on same.

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I open the watchlist page of Option trader on web in the morning >> Opens the page >> Figures out that I’m not logged in >> Loader loads for long >> Throws me to login page >> Figures out it already knows my mobile number >> Throws me to second login page for entering Pin.

This process is too long and has to be endured daily. Definitely needs to get faster.

Dhan Never Works On UI Simplification, While Zerodha Have The Most Simplified & Functional UI, On The Other Hand Dhan App Is Quite Complex & Cluttered… Don’t Know Even You’ll Work On Experience In The Future Or Not…


Hi @Duck Opinions on UI are subjective. We have seen many platforms trying to make copies of few popular ones and things haven’t moved for them.

Dhan builds products and optimises experiences based on feedback and usage of our products & features… many of these are now simply copy-pasted or let me say inspired by Dhan. Many features from Dhan have now moved to some leading broking platforms.

We have stated this multiple times, we will continue building on optimising and scaling up based on our insights from users, feedback and suggestions. We have done this from our early days, and continue to practice this today.

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Sir can you change the intro to more professional looking

Nse & bse building picture is unnecessary in my opinion
Dhan logo need to standout…

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One thing I would like to point out w.r.t this is that I understand Dhan has some time limit set for logging off automatically after a certain duration.

Sometimes, this preset duration triggers auto logoff during market hours when many tabs are open for tracking different scrips.

Then, one has to relogin and reopen all the tabs. This is unnecessary hurdle, in my opinion.

It would be better if you could find a better solution to this approach. Or at least, set the trigger point for this to late midnight so that many users won’t be affected by this as all the Indian markets are closed by that time.


Hi @Shally Once logged in market hours, users will be logged out only when they explicitly logout by themselves. In Market hours sessions will logout only when it gets invalidated for any reason.

Many users like this @Yeduraj, we had one focussed on Dhan earlier until we changed it to this one. We update things from time to time, hope we will be able to come up something more better. Shared feedback with our team.

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Actually the UI is fine, only 3 things need refinement: Fonts, Splash Screen and the Order Window.

Apart from that some minor bugs are here and there such as, not being able to horizontal scroll the expanded watchlist.

@Duck I’m sorry to say that Zerodha’s UI is not simple and infact it is the worst and I believe its UI is one of the reason why people lose money.

I tried Zerodha for 2 weeks given the hype, you can’t save indicators on web, no TFC, can’t see positions/order/charts/watchlist on a single screen, apathy towards users, no MTF, slow execution.

I have come to this conclusion, Zerodha is for the noobs who don’t know what a trading experience should be and uses substandard products.

Name one thing that you can’t do at Dhan that you can do at Zerodha. In fact, things that you can do at Dhan are the exact things you can’t do at Zerodha.

Hi @paekut @Duck @t7support @thisisbanerjee I’m requesting @Sameet to connect with you and understand your feedback on Dhan platforms. Will help as we continue to improve Dhan further.

Thanks @PravinJ. Appreciate the initiative.

Hi @paekut & @Duck, please share your registered details via DM so we can connect and schedule a video meet today.

@t7support I have tried reaching you but it went busy, please share a convenient time to connect with you.

@thisisbanerjee As per our discussion, we have arranged a meet post market hours. I will share the meet details soon.

Zerodha’s UI Actually Helps Me To React Quickly, I Don’t Know About Others But Yeah It Works For Me, Feature Wise Dhan Is No Doubt No.1 But Somehow I Feel Giving Too Much Is Also Problematic When It Comes To Ease Of Usability

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  1. GTT as SL and Target while placing a buy order
  2. Instant price alerts
  3. PnL data for more than 3 months
  4. Comprehensive back office features
  5. Fast platform loading, even with a slow internet connection
  6. A stable and user-friendly platform
  7. 20 Market Depth
  8. Account value curve
  9. Ability to add family accounts
  10. Pledging of mutual funds
  11. Higher leverage for many stocks during intraday trading
  12. Knowledgeable and fast customer support
  13. Analyzing tags
  14. Simple navigation
  15. Tax reports adjusted for corporate actions and IPOs
  16. Free access to Sensibull
  17. Free access to Streak
  18. An almost error-free API platform
  19. Not even small errors and glitches
  20. Virtual Contract note on Order panel
  21. Nudge on order window
  22. Instant notifications for price alerts, order executions, support tickets and updates from Zerodha
  23. Real-time platform synchronization for orders, watchlists, positions, holdings, and funds data (no need to refresh every time)

And many more… :slightly_smiling_face:


U can connect with me now if it’s k for u

This had many issues at zerodha. It is on and off

Support is crap at zerodha. On the community we get some support. But via ticket and over phone it is hopeless knowledge wise and service wise.

Dhan has a free option trader platform. The UI is better than Sensibull for me.

Notifications for Order executions, support tickets, updates all come very fast at Dhan. Besides zerodha support ticket story is a story in itself.

Besides there are many things that we can do with Dhan that we cannot do with zerodha :slightly_smiling_face: