Dp charges related query

dp charges 12.5 per scrip per day.

so is it also applicable for sgb, tbill, bonds, rights, etc ??

Hi @krishag

Yes, it is per ISIN for each transaction irrespective of quantity.

Read more here :-

In one of the earlier posts i cant find, i was told dp charges not applicable on sale of SGBs on dhan.

for shares of companies, theres no doubt. Pls double confirm about applicability of dp charges on Tbill, sgb, bonds, etc.

I also confirmed with zerodha & they said dp charges not applicable on sgb, tbill, etc. Only on stocks.

So request you to pls re confirm about the same on dhan platform

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@krishag DP charges are applicable on ANY security which goes out of your Demat (unless redemption or extinguishment). There might be confusion, incase you mean STT which is not applicable on few securities (which could be found on https://www.nseindia.com/all-reports >> STT Non Applicability Report)

Ok got it. Thanks.

Could you confirm whats the settlement time for buying tbill from market. Bought yesterday but cant see the units in demat portfolio.

@krishag It is same as normal equity - T+1.

order on 26-06-24
securities not credited on 27-02-24.

the cx support can be wrong but the securities actually getting credited on 28-02-24 indicates T+2.