Focus 2024: Upcoming Features on Dhan for Traders & Investors

We are rolling this for all users by end of Feb / early March. Announcement is coming soon.

I had linked my account and transferred money it si again asking me to link the account again. Not sure a security feature that we will have to regularly keep linking account and get multiple mandates created or it is a bug due to which it is asking me to link again, I had written to your team 2 weeks back but didn’t get any response

Hi @manikwalia

Please allow us time to check with our team and will provide you with an update on your registered email address.

Dear All,

We are very excited to share that the 3-in-1 Facility is now LIVE on Dhan. You can read more about it here & go ahead and give it a try!

Product @ Dhan

Any update on this feature? Done with 3 months in the year.

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Hi @Pranita &. PravinJ

I would like to open dhan account to get MTF facility .
I have following queries about mtf , pls clarify.

  1. If we have holdings of a stock at higher price and
    mtf position of same stock at lower price, can we
    Sell the mtf stocks first. (Or ) is there any FIFO rule
    as per tax compliance.

  2. If we have bought same stock in MTF at different
    price & different date , then two independent MTF
    positions shown in system (or ) one position with
    average price of two. Any FIFO rule in selling.

As informed by team earlier, one feature request of
converting position from intraday /delivery to MTF
and vice versa is in priority list.

This feature is really helpful in many use cases.
we can place MTF orders from tradingview webhooks No need for separate integration of MTF order.

If there are any concerns about difference in intraday and MTF margins , then conversion of delivery to MTF
would not cause any margin shortfall.

Family portals in dhan


Have you implemented :

5. Basket Orders in Super Trader mode

We believed we had nailed the Basket Orders experience , until we looked at deeply how our users are placing and executing orders via Baskets, largely strategies and adjustments to positions. We have noticed that while traders are executing their orders instantly via Baskets, much of their time is spent on making adjustments to their orders in Baskets.

To make things further simpler, seamless and faster for traders - we will be introducing Baskets Orders in Super Trader mode, we believe this will make traders focus a lot more in trades and run their strategies and adjustments in a much better way.

Hi @Sarohadesh Good to see you back here after a while.

Nope, this is not yet fully implemented. It is part of our annual roadmap and we should be picking this up for development sometime soon. However, we have pushed couple of enhancements on Baskets Orders for execution on our Web ( and Charts ( platforms for Traders.

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I feel proud to be part of such an innovative broker :green_heart:

Dhan should be provide Heatmap of the Indices , Portfolio and Watchlist in their app and Web Version. It is very beneficial and Beautiful feature of any Market related app.

I have attached here Market pulse heat of Nifty 50 of Mobile Application.

I like that…


Please add fiis diis activity feature in your app

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Improve your Financial Statements. Which indeed needs lot of improvement.


Hi @PravinJ / team,

  1. do we have any ETA for the Add Funds with Auto-Pay to Dhan?
  2. Currently I use groww for all of my MFs which are at weekly frequency and I was evaluating dhan to move them here. Does dhan support pause and skip of an SIP yet?

Hi @sv28

  1. This is in works, we are making few things simple on money / margin management at this moment which will be beneficial for short-term investors.
  2. Weekly SIPs is on cards. Pause and Skip, we are wondering on relevance of these features since now if an SIP is not paid for 3 consecutive times - it will be discontinued by the AMC.

MF pledge is also under works I believe.

Request you guys to provide same as TV has come up with box size assignment method (ATR, Traditional, percentage LTP) this is useful for Renko,Pnf,linebreak …have request of this feature in other topic of dhan,not a single person from your team has addressed it…
So hope to get reply or answer here
Thank you

Thanks for the reply @PravinJ

  1. Thanks - any ETA you can share? This will be immensely helpful to me in bringing discipline. Fun fact is that I invested more in stocks initially but because of lack of discipline my MF portfolio is > that my stocks portfolio in just a year. Hence, I desperately need this feature
  2. It is relevant because if I don’t have balance in my account even for 1 time, my bank would deduct non-payment charges from me(which is as high as 500 Rs just for one time), which I can avoid using the pause/skip option. I have used this multiple times on groww in the past and it is super-helpful for people with variable cashflows.

Frankly, I have been using Groww just because they have this feature, else there are hacky ways to schedule weekly SIPs even with monthly options (I’ve done the same on Groww). The day dhan launches pause and skip, I am moving MF to dhan as well and closing my Groww account

Dhan Rocks…:fire::heart: