Focus 2024: Upcoming Features on Dhan for Traders & Investors

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, let me start by expressing our gratitude on behalf of our team at Dhan for the love, support and trust our users have shown to us in our short journey of 24 months. We wouldn’t have been here without you. We are excited for the year 2024, and also for all the features and product offerings that we are building for you, many of them with your feedback and suggestions as we made Dhan better, everyday!

Yes, I was reluctant to post about our product roadmap in public as we have been told that it is followed not just by our users, but also many of our peers and competition in the industry. While we are happy with the fact that Dhan sets the benchmarks for the industry now, it also reminds us constantly that we are a very small player in the Stock Investing & Trading industry, much newer and have to work extremely hard to add value to our users. It’s a journey, what makes it enjoyable is the support & love from our users. Once again, gratitude to everyone :pray: as we continue our journey in 2024.

Here is a list of things that we are focusing on for 2024:

1. Priority Customer Service for Power Users

Dhan, as we have always mentioned is built with 3 key focus areas: Incredible Product Experience, driven by Technology along-side awesome Customer Service. We ensure that every query raise to Dhan across all channels (Phone, Email & Chat) are addressed to our User’s Satisfaction.

While our response rates have been > 98% within 24 hours, we understand that there is a room for improvement for us in response times and quality of service and over all communication as well. We also understand that power users on Dhan, while know our product & experience the best through many of our videos on YouTube or detailed Knowledge base, we are taking conscious efforts to ensure improve availability & quality of Customer Service. Our aim is to ensure Traders with Open Positions and Power Users of Dhan will be routed to priority support across the key channels - Phone, Email & Chat while we also expand our Customer Service team.

2. Improved Technology Infrastructure, Network & Connectivity for Scale

Stock Trading platforms, as I have always mentioned are amongst the most complex fintech products out there. We, unfortunately had let down our users on 14 August 23 when our systems went down at 3:01 PM and we were not able to come back till 3:30 PM.

After that incident we have massively re-architectured our systems to ensure we scale our underlying technology and infrastructure. In our first year of operation, transactions processed on Dhan were up > 20X, in last year the transactions processed were up >10X.

Unlike most of the brokers which including some of the largest in India, Dhan has its own technology team and also built its in-house Order Management Systems for Trade Processing which is managed by in-house technology team. In addition to this, we are also exploring adding another Order Management System in parallel to ensure continuity of operations. We continue our efforts again in the coming year to ensure your trades are processed at a lightning fast speed, we 4X our exchange bandwidth and connectivity and along with it we continue to invest more resources as we scale Dhan (with you and for you).

3. Flash Trader on TradingView Charts for Option Buyers

As many of you know that Dhan provides incredible margin experience on its platform (even for Options Buyers). We recently announced Flash Trade on our platforms and we have been flooded with requests from Option Traders who love our Direct Trade from Charts experience.

Yes, so we will be merging the experiences and building an unified experience that lets users toggle between current experience and with charts. Expect this soon, first on the Options Trader app.

4. Forever Orders with Target & Stop-Loss at Order Placement

With introduction of Margin Trading Facility (MTF) we have see wider adoption by Swing Traders in equity / cash segment on Dhan. It helps for many Investors on Dhan that we allow users to keep and track their Long-Term Investments separate from short-term positions, only stock trading platform to enable this. Additionally Dhan possibly is the first stock trading platform to introduce the seamless DDPI across all its platforms that enable easy selling from portfolio holdings with the need to enable and validate EDIS.

To make things even better for Swing Traders and Short Term investors, we will introduce ability for users to add Forever Orders when they are placing the main orders itself.

5. Basket Orders in Super Trader mode

We believed we had nailed the Basket Orders experience, until we looked at deeply how our users are placing and executing orders via Baskets, largely strategies and adjustments to positions. We have noticed that while traders are executing their orders instantly via Baskets, much of their time is spent on making adjustments to their orders in Baskets.

To make things further simpler, seamless and faster for traders - we will be introducing Baskets Orders in Super Trader mode, we believe this will make traders focus a lot more in trades and run their strategies and adjustments in a much better way.

6. Market Feeds APIs from DhanHQ

Yes, we agree this has been pending for a long time and most requested by, now over 3000+ traders who are using DhanHQ’s APIs for trading. At the start of 2023, we had just 250+ individuals who had built their trading systems on top of DhanHQ, now this is up 12 times.

We are building for speed on Market Feeds, we had rolled out a version few months back and were not happy with its performance, so went back to the drawing board. Yes, it will lightning-fast as someone has demonstrated the speeds here (see linked tweet). We expect to bring these in early 2024 for all our users who love using DhanHQ trading APIs for execution.

Now LIVE: Now Live: Live Market Feed on DhanHQ Trading APIs

7. An 3-in-1 Trading & Banking Experience

For lack of a better word, since most banks prefer to work closely with their broking arms and offer integrated Bank + Demat + Trading experience this one is called a 3-in-1 Trading Experience. We are integrating with one of known banks in India to provide a seamless integrated trading & banking experience for our users.

With this in place, you would have to set-up one-time instructions between Dhan & the bank, post which adding money from Bank to Dhan trading account will be a single-tap experience. No more redirects or multiple validations and verifications or OTPs, just a single-tap. Coming soon, we are excited about this one.

8. Add Funds with Auto-Pay to Dhan

Many of our investors now have SIPs in Stocks & ETFs on Dhan, few of them even have set them up for daily & weekly schedules. Most of our traders are regular trades, who add funds (say INR 10,000) every week or every month to their trading account. We have had requests from users to automate the same.

Yes, we are evaluating this - soon you will be able to set-up instructions for AutoPay on your Bank and with that, you can set up funding instructions with your Dhan account. With this, you are always ready-to-trade on Dhan.

9. Charts Experience with TradingView

Yes - we absolutely love building our charts experience with the incredible teams at TradingView. We introduce in India, for the first time Connect with Broker via TradingView Trade Panel which is now used by over 130,000+ traders and made automated trading easier with Webhooks as Order type.

We have added multiple indicators through the year, seconds charts, India specific time frames, custom time-frames, made many customised features for TradingView console of Dhan ( and in the coming year we are making our Charts even more Faster, adding more popular and requested Indicators, building tools for Scalpers, and few special and incredible features that are on our roadmap with Charts. More on this as we start shipping them.

10: Tracking all your Bank Accounts & Mutual Funds on Dhan

We are extremely optimistic about the possibilities that the Account Aggregator framework opens up for the Financial Services vertical. Few months back, we introduced the ability for our users to link all their Stock Broking accounts and track their portfolio holdings on Dhan in real-time.

We will be taking steps further on the AA framework and will be introducing ability to track your Bank Balance across your banks and also your Mutual Funds across all AMCs on Dhan. While some of these makes tracking easier, the unmatched experience with all of insights and analytics will be available for investments made through Dhan.

11. Newer Products in 2024: Mutual Funds & Bonds for Investments

In 2022, we brought to you India’s first dedicated trading app that was built for Options Trader and also capability to trade directly from In 2023, we started with the Glass Design version for Dhan app, and later extended the same to Options Trader app with Custom Strategy Builder. We are closing 2023 with launch of Mutual Funds in early access mode, which we expect to open for all in early 2024.

We expect interest in investing in Bonds to pick up in coming years, and like a tradition now from Dhan team to build new platforms or products every year - we are looking forward to build an incredible experience for investing in Bonds on Dhan.

12. Enhancing the Mutual Funds Experience on Dhan

Yes, we have started giving access to our users to Mutual Funds and we expect to open the same for all in early 2024. We aim to bring some of the most advanced features and offerings to our Mutual Funds platform in 2024 and yes - as always we have started receiving feedback from our users who have access now.

We have started making some selections already, we hope to bring Step-Up SIPs to Mutual Funds, ability to track all your Mutual Funds on Dhan and are also exploring options to allow holding of Mutual Fund units in Demat format which will enable traders to pledge them and avail all the comprehensive margin benefits for investing & trading on Dhan.

13. Trading Insights on Dhan in real-time

In the past two years that Dhan has been, we have focussed much on bringing market insights to you; first it was the Live Market Scanners that bring to you 1000s (in fact at times over 250,000+ in a day) of trading signals as they happen in real-time to you and recently announced Market Actions that show the position of the markets and underlying stocks depending on the support & resistance levels of underlying stocks.

While we have grown to have over 300,000+ active traders & investors on our platform, we now believe we have enough data about what’s happening across our platforms that you can see in real-time. We aim to bring these insights on Dhan platform soon, starting with web.

14. Web Platforms to be more Trader Focussed

We have continued to observe usage across our products for 2 years now. Most of our investors are on the app, which is why Mutual Funds is an app-first product and we see increased usage of Traders on Dhan web platforms. For the record, we have 3 unique platforms - Dhan web version (, Options Trader on the web ( and also our very own TradingView console on (

I have mentioned couple of times on our community that we will continue to build web platforms for usage of Traders, over past few months we have made them much lighter and incredibly faster. We feel there is lots more to do here, and we will keep going in this direction. Enhancements on web, either will be noticed by our users or will be announced by us.

15. Options Trading platforms with more Insights

We are building both our Options Trading platforms over the past few months now, and also recently introduced Glass Design as well as Custom Strategy Builder on the app. We will continue to make them better and introduce more insights that will enable users to take informed trading decisions.

As mentioned above, we are introducing Flash Trading on charts and also extending all features to all indices - NSE Options (Nifty, BankNifty, MidCap Nifty, Fin Nifty), BSE Options (Sensex & Bankex), Currency (USD-INR) and Commodity (Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Natural Gas). In addition to this, we will also make Options Trader on Web better with improved Custom Builder.

16. Focus on Investor Experience on Dhan

While we have continued to focus on traders, we will double down on improving the Investor Experience on Dhan. We possibly are the only Stock Investing platform to provide tons of features like - Insights in real-time, separate Long-term holdings, Investing in smallcase for Free, Multibagger Tracking and many more things, including the ability to track Stocks across all Stock Brokers and the recent build portfolio from underlying Mutual Fund holdings.

There is more to come, including seamless integrations with Corporate Actions, Buybacks, IPOs in Pre-Apply state, IPOs in HNI Categories and likes. We just don’t want to offer these features, but seamlessly integrate them into your investing experience. So more on that when we start announcing them.

17. Improvements across Dhan platforms and experiences

We have built Dhan with you, and many of our users have from time to time suggested us improvements to enhance the Investor & Trading experiences on Dhan.

So yes, while there are small and big features that will come your way - there is much more coming in details - including ease of processes, enhanced reports, market insights, margin management, payments, customer service, ongoing KYC and regulatory updates and few more planned things in our roadmap.

18. Wait, is this all for 2024?

Ofcourse not - there are many more things lined up that are far more exciting. Just like I started this post with, we would like to keep silent on many of the incredible products and features that are we experimenting with internally at Dhan. Yes, we haven’t spoken about them and we will not. There are a few that our teams are exploring and we hope we are able to roll out most of them in 2024.

Like we have said, our aim at Dhan is to provide you with an incredible Investing & Trading experience.

All of us are working towards ensuring we bring to you Lightning-Fast Investing & Trading experience every day and at all the times. Keep Investing & Trading on Dhan, and help us build an incredible platform for you.

Thank you,


Thank you @Champion_Trader for your continued support. Keep telling us what we need to do in our journey :slight_smile:

Well we did think about it and realised we are building more for our users than for anyone. So mentioned fewer ones to our users - yes, but there are many surprising products & features that we are experimenting with.

We are equally excited about them as much as ones on the list here :slight_smile:

And thanks for pushing us to share the roadmap :wink:

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NRI accounts…Guess it was in 2023 plans…

By the way the 2024 road ahead looks exciting @PravinJ

Yes @t7support We are expecting newer regulations around KYC & Onboarding of NRIs. If that comes up, we will plan to add them to our roadmap.

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Hi @PravinJ - Thanks for your heads-up.

Kindly let us know the name of the bank that Dhan is planning to collaborate with. If we don’t hold account with them yet then will soon open it and keep it ready.

Hi @pratik01,

This is in experimentation stage now. We will soon release a post with more details. Stay tuned!

Thanks @PravinJ Sir for updating 2024 roadmap. After lot of request Now dhan has finally make an point to bring this feature on forever order. Still I am on doubt How it is going to work on dhan platform. Because dhan working strategy is very much different apart from other brokers.

I do have some more few expectations but that is okay !! I am happy with Point 4


Bring mutual funds pledge feature asap.


@PravinJ Sir anything about refining the Price Alerts and Account Value Line Curve. These two features are must needed.

Price Alerts, Based upon Closed price, Volume Alerts. Browser Notifications on the Web.

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Any plans for a desktop application?


Download tradingview desktop terminal. Connect to Dhan from it’s broker panel. Problem solved. What do u think ?


Mostly I do automated trading - tv to dhan via webhooks (trend following with option buying). I don’t need a desktop app. Web app is sufficient for me to do any other discretionary trades.

Btw, New age discount brokers are unlikely to come out with a desktop app as the user demand for that is ultra low. Most people use mobile app or web app and are happy with it.

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I am not able to retrieve my fund transactions from my start date to till date. It is giving me only the recently added funds from my bank accounts. I want to know my total funds that were added in the fund transaction option.

Can you also give an option to keep the short term stocks as seperate tab and long term in a seperate tab so that we need not go and open another broking account for options, short-term and long term. I can monitor all my stocks with each tab seperate for short term long term and swing trade.

It will be a boosting experience for all customers who have multiple account for each segment.


Yeah. I also assume the new gen brokers may not feel it necessary to go after the desktop app.

Since more people are using trading apps via mobile than PC/laptop, no one can blame the product owners if they abandon desktop/pc client.

Their desktop app is PWA model, it is just headerless but not like a standalone exe. I used it for a week and then reverted to the browser since I wanted to open 2 to 3 charts at a time.

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@GalaticX I know that some traders prefer desktop version. I also know from the feedback received from discount broker managements that they are not going to bring a desktop app. So I was just suggesting an alternative which may work. There was no other intent.

that’s great to hear… but please update/add those features which are requested…

add these modifications in price alert

1 price alert note are not visible once the price get hit. the notes (fully) are not visible. option is missing in price alert.( atlest arrange the price alerts alphabetically by stock name) or include search bar.

we speak bcs you listen.

thank you. kindly consider this response.