For Intraday Traders - PnL with all charges including brokerage


Can you please show somewhere all the charges with brokerage, so that intraday trader make sure he is really profitable after deduction all the expenses?

If the trader is profitable, it will also help broker to have more business.


Hi @amit,

We actually have a transaction estimator within Dhan app (and website) where you can quickly glance through all the charges before you place a trade.

For post-trade calculation, we are going live with P&L statement in our next release.

Do let us know if these help you calculate your profitability. Happy trading! :slight_smile:


  1. Transaction estimator is really good (at least better than those calculators asking to fill-in details) but not available to on Dhan TV. And, mostly intraday trader would prefer to use Dhan TV.

  2. Dhan TV Account Manager panel doesn’t show total qty traded, avg buy price and avg sell price which is required to figure out the total charges. Ideally, there should be 4 more columns in the closed position tab: Traded Qty, Avg Buy Price, Avg Sell Price, Charges (and button to open Transaction estimator if user want to look into the details)

  3. If trader is taking 7-8 trades in the same script, he would lose track of total charges if Traded Qty traded or charges is not visible anywhere. At this point, its important for him to plan for expenses so the day ends in profit even after taking several trades.

If doing these simple things can help the trader to track his expenses, isn’t it a better idea for everyone?

Does it makes sense?

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Hi @amit

Feedback acknowledged, will evaluate this as we build product / platform. Many traders on Dhan, including intraday ones are on Mobile apps and Web. Dhan TV is a different experience, of-course for TV fans and enthusiasts, they absolutely love it.

We are consolidating requests for features across all channels, app, web and TV and are building them out gradually and over time. And yes agree, knowing net P&L is a strong use-case.


i m a full time professional intraday trading business .

I buy a car . Can i claim depreciation expense from my profit ; if i do trading from saving individual account ?

Can i claim depreciation expense from my profit ; if i do trading from current individual account ?

@HIREiN , yes you can!

If saving account or if current account or both ?


if you’re showing trading income as business income, you can show the relevant business expenses as well irrespective of bank account type.

Hi @PravinJ ,

I exactly requested for the same feature which you have quoted above, ability to see live net P&L during Intraday Trades, in addition to overall P&L.

It would be great if @Dhan ,includes this in future roadmaps

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