Introducing: Dhan WiFi - Your Personal Network for Instant Order on all Devices

Dear Traders,

Today we are super excited to bring a unique feature for all Traders on Dhan - Dhan WiFi.

Before we get there, let us understand why we are building this. Most users of Dhan are Traders, many of them are serious about trading and have been using Dhan for a while now and continue to spend most of their time during markets across all our platforms. We have had Traders using Dhan in their own unique ways, few as system traders, few have automated their strategies on Dhan, few are positional traders, few are scalpers and of course many as Traders and now also Investors (the tribe is growing faster) with Stocks, ETFs, IPOs and Mutual Funds.

Let’s come back to Dhan WiFi and Traders for now. Many serious traders use multiple setups on Dhan - we have seen over 60% of the serious traders using Dhan on Web mostly through the trading day, including Charts on Dhan’s TradingView console and for strategies they are on Options Traders on Web - alongside using their Dhan App.

Trading setups for traders have evolved significantly over the time, from the early days of screen based trading to now many traders have multiple screens and a mobile app that goes along with them - all used interchangeably to place orders and manage positions.

With this insight, we decided to simplify the lives of traders who use both a large screen monitor (Dhan Web & Charts) and a mobile device (Dhan App) together for trading. We are excited to introduce our newest feature for Dhan users - Dhan WiFi.

Dhan WiFi - Your Personal Network for Instant Ordering on all Devices

Dhan WiFi is available on the latest versions of Dhan App and Web, please update your apps if you have not done so already. Once you activate the WiFi mode, it establishes a secure connection between the logged in devices (Web and App) and keeps them on a private network for easy synchronisation of screens to enable faster order experience.

What happens and how to use Dhan WiFi?
Post activating, every time you open a chart or company page of a stock / scrip on Dhan Web, via WiFi - the Order Placement window of the same script will automatically open on your Dhan Mobile App. Now to place order, you will have to simply tap on the Dhan app - and with this, your Dhan Mobile acts like a remote control to your Trading Setup - thereby enhancing your experience.

To activate this feature, press the WiFi icon in the top menu and turn on WiFi mode on both the web platform and the mobile app. If the Dhan WiFi icon turns green, the connection has been successfully established. Ensure that both devices are in WiFi mode to use this feature seamlessly.

The bigger screens are very useful for traders for charting and analysis, but mobile phones give a handy experience for placing the orders with a comprehensive choice of orders. Therefore, Dhan WiFi brings the best of both the worlds together and makes the trading experience simpler.

PS: Yes, Dhan WiFi mode is available on Dhan’s TradingView console ( as well for you to get the same incredible experience while analysing on charts too.

Let us know below in the thread what do you feel about this feature and what use case you want us to solve using the Dhan WiFi technology.

Happy Trading (now with WiFi)


Tease Tease kartey kartey, hum ko tadpakey aur tarsakey, finally aa gay hey WiFi… :hugs:


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order size 25 default for nifty50 , even i changed in trader’s control still it not increasing. its coming default is minimum size in dhan wifi pop up.

Watchlist Me Hi Chart Shortcut Ka Option Dedo Dhan App Ke, Web Me H But App Me Detail Page Kholne Pe Hi Chart Ka Option Milta H, Upstox Or Zerodha Both Have One Less Step To Open Chart In The App, Upstox Me To Tab System Bana Rakha H To Scrip Pe Normal Click Pe Hi Chart Aa Jata H, But In Zerodha Also We’ve Two Finger Tap To Access Chart Quickly (You’ve Pretty Sorted Web Application But Need These Things In App, Please Implement ASAP)

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