Introducing : F&O Market Movers

We started our journey on Dhan with market information available for Investors - which includes information like Top Gainers, Top Losers, 52 W Highs & Lows, Movers by Value or Volumes and much more.

Traders look at different signals from fundamentals & market movers, we introduced Technical Indicators & Technical Orders for intraday traders last week, today we are adding more market movers & signals for our Futures & Options traders.

We have now also introduced Top Contracts for all Futures and Options contracts. Top Contracts refer to the Top 100 contracts that are being traded on the exchange basis trade volumes. These can be filtered further into near, next & far month contracts, or you have the option of looking at all contracts, or limit to Index or Equity contracts. This is free, and in addition to already trader-friendly tools like Simple & Advanced versions of Option Chains already in Dhan web & app.

As an added feature, we have also launched a list of top 100 market mover contracts in the Movers tab basis- Most Active contracts, OI Gainers/Losers, Price Gainers/Losers.

Another quick update, for Stocks that have Future & Options traded contracts, you now have short links for Futures & Options in the Company Page itself which includes a snapshot of the F&O market for that stock.

With this initiation, it will get much easier for our users to keep an eye on the ongoing market activity throughout all segments. We hope as always that you use and enjoy this feature and would be very happy to hear your feedback.

Product team @ Dhan


Go here - Dhan - Online Stock Trading and Investing Platform for India on desktop in Chrome. By default, it shows Stocks, Markets, Gainers selected. From here, if I choose any other tab and click on any symbols’s info button, it leads to that particular symbol, but upon clicking back to go to the previous page, it goes to the Default page. Please correct this or enable right click on symbols so that the User Selected Tabs page stays.

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Feedback noted on this @manju and acknowledged. We will make this seamless.

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