Introducing: Trade Directly from Charts in partnership with TradingView

At Dhan, we have always believed that investors and traders in India should get the best-in-class product & technology experience. Today, we are extremely delighted to bring an integrated trading experience with the world’s most loved charting product - TradingView.

Together, Dhan in collaboration with TradingView, we are happy to bring our latest product built for Super Traders - Trade Directly from Charts. With this deep integration between Dhan & TradingView, users of Dhan can now directly Trade via TradingView charts in Equity, Options & Futures for Indices, Equity, Commodity & Currency.

The product goes live today for all users and is now available on

In our interactions with users, and especially ones who are frequent traders, it was very evident that many of them use (and have been using) TradingView for years. And more importantly, many of them use TradingView in their own ways. Undoubtedly, it is a very powerful platform and has helped many traders in India almost every day. Staying true to our customer-centric approach, we were extremely delighted to collaborate with TradingView and do a deep integration for our users.

Quick Summary of what Dhan & TradingView integration means for you:

  • It is completely Free!
    No extra fees, no additional charges, or any monthly/yearly subscription.
  • Users can Trade Directly from Charts, in real-time
  • All market data, including Futures & Options for Stocks & Indices, is available in real-time.
  • Full trading experience with Positions, Orders, Trades, Funds, Portfolio, Watchlist, and more.
  • Your existing trades & orders are (of course) visible on TradingView & Dhan both.
  • Also works for Futures & Options in Commodities (on MCX) and Currency (on NSE).

“TradingView has been the charting product of choice for millions of traders across the globe and we have seen a surge of users from India actively using our platform to evaluate trading opportunities. As a technology-focused player ourselves, we are extremely excited and thrilled to partner with Dhan - who are equally focussed on building technology-driven products for traders in India. This partnership enables TradingView users in India to directly trade from TradingView Charts on Dhan and enhance their trading experience. We will explore more collaboration opportunities with Dhan.” said, Rauan Khassan, VP International Growth, TradingView.

“Dhan has a very customer & product-centric approach in everything we do and we aim to offer the best possible investing & trading experience to Indians. TradingView undoubtedly is a very popular charting product with the Indian trading community and we are super delighted to make it a complete experience now for traders with this integration and collaboration by TradingView” said Pravin Jadhav, Founder & CEO of Dhan.

How to Start-Using TradingView with Dhan
First things first, if you are a Dhan user already - it is instantly available for you on

If you are not a Dhan user, then it just takes a few minutes to get started.
You can download our apps from Google Play Store ( or Apple App Store (‎Dhan on the App Store) and get going.

Single View - Full Integration
On TradingView, you will do everything on the same window. We have maintained the same experience for you, and in the same window now you can complete your TradingView experience and also full trading experience.

When you login to TradingView via Dhan, all important information is readily available for you - this includes Watchlist, Positions, Orders, Funds, Portfolio, and also logs of all order-related notifications in the same view.

How to Place Orders on TradingView with Dhan
This is super simple, just move your mouse anywhere on the chart and you will see the Plus (+) sign on the chart view. You can enter a Buy / Sell position on the chart directly. If you have any existing orders or positions on the chart, they all will be visible to you directly on the chart.

Want more?
Well, you can click on the BID & ASK rate anytime on the chart, and place an order from there itself.

With a single click on the right side menu, you can invoke the Order Panel.

Even cool?
Well you can click on the DOM (Price Ladder) and also place orders directly from there.

What’s best?
Well, we saved it for last - you can manage or exit your positions from the Account Manager panel below and yes, even from the Dhan App or Web!

Instant Order Placement
Every second matters while trading. Enable the instant order placements from the settings menu and instantly place the order directly from the charts. High-frequency traders used to point and click will love this feature!
Also, the best part is your placed orders will be automatically synced to your Dhan account.

Search Anywhere - Press any key
We retained the absolutely loved features of TradingView as is. If you are an existing user of TradingView, you know what these are.

Our favorite is, search anywhere or search for any scrip. Want to search for Reliance, just press R. Try that. Works also for all Options & Futures.

Use shortcut keys for quicker actions
In our conversations with our users, many of them pointed out how they are used to keyboard shortcuts to perform their trading. Our new platform will enable you to take action, quite literally from your fingertips. Here are some quick shortcuts that might help you :

Multi Screens
Traders often track multiple scrip simultaneously but it gets hard to switch tabs very frequently and miss opportunities. On this platform, one can track up to 8 scrips in one place.

Industry First: Access to all the Indian Options
One thing that Indian traders miss on TradingView is the options charts and data. On this new platform, one can access all active options contracts in the Indian market and place orders directly from there.

One place to perform actions. Automatic sync on Dhan account
One of the reasons to build a new TradingView focused platform was to bring all the actions at a single place for traders. All your trades that will be placed on tradingview will be automatically synced in your Dhan account. You can set up your watchlists on the new platform, place orders and your portfolio will be updated as per your actions on TradingView.

Making your Trading experience delightful and stress-free
Having access to the new platform is easy - all Dhan users can access the platform for FREE without any additional charges. Login to ( with your Dhan credentials and you’re good to go!

Built on top of Dhan APIs. Same Lightning Fast Experience for you!

Yes, Dhan APIs are getting ready and we have built the full TradingView application & integrations ( on top of these APIs. Yes, the same lightning-fast experience for you.

Before you ask for it, the APIs will be available for you shortly! :slight_smile:

For API access, please write to us on

At Dhan, we believe in being customer and product-centric at our core. Many of our product features have been born out of users’ feedback. We are excited to know your thoughts on our new platform. Do let us know your feedback.

Director, Strategy


This is awesome news! I’ve been waiting for some broker to start this in India and as soon as I saw this news via Google, I jumped to open the account with Dhan just now, at almost midnight!!

I hope you continue to offer such useful things to traders. Thanks.

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Hi Moksha,
Welcome to the Dhan Community :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Thank you for your kind words. Do let us know your feedback :smiley:

Sorry, I think I misunderstood the announcement!! With phrases such as “industry first”, etc, I thought that Dhan was providing a login via TradingView website, with all their features intact, such as custom indicators, strategies, alerts and orders triggered on those, etc. I can only pray that this is intended soon. Else it is no different than what Fyers has already been providing for long, including options charts on TradingView and order therefrom!

Best wishes.


which version of Tradingview (Free or Pro) is being provided by Dhan?

Hi @Abhishek,

Dhan + TradingView gives you access to the best of both worlds so that you can upgrade your trading experience. For detailed information please check the attached link (Dhan + TradingView - Access TradingView Charts Live for FREE)


As I understand, your Q was about login to Dhan through TradingView’s website which seems to be available now. Although you may have received your answer, I am just responding just in case it helps others. TV expects you to login before you connect with your broker, in this case, Dhan. So whatever is the account type (free or Pro) you have with TV, that continues to be after connecting to Dhan.