Is that True..? Do you allowed users to trade options directly from tradingview..?

that True…? Do you allowed users to trade options directly from tradingview…?

If yes, you guys awasome. No words to Thank you… :grin:

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Hi @Jp007 Yes, you can now use webhooks as a order type to execute Options orders directly from TradingView with Dhan. This is enabled for all orders, individual, by segment, multi-segment or a strategy that is defined in a basket order.

More on that is here -

So can we see options charts on tradingview

Nope @Jp007. Tradingview doesn’t have option data or charts. You will have to base ur analysis on spot or futures and fire orders on options via webhooks.

TradingView teams have mentioned their plans to bring Option Charts. When that happens, you can trade directly too.

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Thank you sir, you are doing really a great job… now a days broking industry adopting your things…

Bumped on this old post by you @Jp007

You have an update, in case you missed: Introducing: Options Trading now live on with Dhan