Mutual funds pledging

Hai , sir i am trading in zerodha , most of my investment in direct mutual fund , the same i pledge and i will trade in option , the same feature in dhan means i can immeditely transfer my holding to dhan ,

any plan to launch the direct mutual fund pledging in dhan

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Hi @riyas2831 ,

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Currently, we are evaluating to introduce Mutual Funds Platform and are sure to bring it you all in near future. But our major focus is on improving the stock trading experience, across all our platforms.

We believe that there’s a huge scope and opportunity to raise the user’s experience across all the verticals : Product and Customer Experience, and we are constantly putting the efforts to achieve it.

Be assured that, once we plan on releasing the Mutual Funds app, surely we will bring the direct mutual fund pledging in Dhan.


Hi @sajjad ,

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Particulars are still in the works. But it will be designed in a way, that would make it an important integral part of the Dhan ecosystem, and easy for Dhan users to adopt to it.

@RahulDeshpande Can mutual fund units be pledged if transferred via off-market transaction to Dhan Demat from my other demat?

Nobody from Dhan with clarity on my above post ?

Dhan does not offer mutual funds and hence even your existing mutual funds cannot be pledged via Dhan platform.

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Did Dhan mention any timeline in another topic about MF ?

Mutual funds and the ability to pledge the same would be much appreciated by the active trading community.

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I think SEBI has restricted mutual fund pledging in its new rule. Now mutual fund payment can’t be debited from broker account fund.

@RahulDeshpande any updates on mutual fund pledge in dhan?

1 year, no update on MF?

Hi @Rajuvala

It’s work in progress and we will announce this as soon as we are ready along with the features offerings in " Mutual Funds "

Hi @Beena

It is already a work in progress, and we will announce it as soon as once it gets ready.

when will Mutual fund pledging going to be available finally sir ?

  • 1 to the above question.
    When will have this facility to pledge the mutual funds in Dhan?
    I am waiting to open MFs in Dhan because of this.
    Zerodha is doing fantastic work in this area.
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