Reports on Dhan - Dev needs to be optimised

Hey Folks at Raise, these bars are getting left behind.

The reports section is a hot mess and needs a major overhaul, ASAP. Here are the issues I have faced, will keep posting newer issues in thread and will update it once it’s resolved.

General Feedback:

i) The most obvious timeframe to have while retrieving reports is based on FY, I don’t understand why that isn’t a pre-set. It really sends UX for a toss.


ii) No data found for time periods with several transactions. Date needs to be adjusted to a day here and there to fetch the data

iii) Incomplete Data, A lot of reports especially the ledger, some times loads incompletely and even on downloading the entire data isn’t there.

iv) Add the email and download as CSV button to every report, some can’t be downloaded directly.

v) The numbers in the Excel are saved as text, because of which they need to be converted to numbers before the comma can be added and the extra 0s removed.

vi) Give a heads up for transactions that aren’t report friendly like physical settlement of F&O. Inspite of the super expensive brokerage on physical settlement, there isn’t a proper report that’s given.

  1. Holding summary

What’s the point of “date” when the summary is only sent for the current date? It the summary for different dates can be retrieved, it doesn’t work in my account

  1. Tax Reports:

i) Major discrepancies from regular PnL and heaps of incorrect information. A lot of trades are missing prices, other’s do not have all the trades for the same scrip.
ii) it gets downloaded in Excel format from the late 90s, which causes compatibility issues in the newer versions of Office while trying to save it.
iii) Consider having more details in this sheet, like TradeJini. Their BackOffice is really well-made. ( I know Mr.Pravin doesn’t look at other products, but this is essential )

  1. PnL report

  2. Daily Margin Statement

  3. Contract Note

  4. Funds Summary
    i) Please make this downloadable
    ii) Doesn’t always load completely.

ps. - Very easy to do, just take the line items with voucher REPBNK and PAYBNK from ledger and put in it an excel, there are too many extra steps to get this information from the Ledger. Super Important, Ledger doesn’t reflect bank.

  1. Ledger

i) Has loading issues

  1. Exchange trade history :
    i) Has different entries in the name volume for the same strip, because of which Pivot tables and other data processing breaks down to give several errors.

@flamby Thanks for the extensive feedback. While many of your suggestions were already known, they had been implemented in the revamping of reports and statements on Dhan and one after the other they will be made live. Currently they are in the testing phase.


Glad to hear it is in Testing, like I ended my entry note “will update it once it’s resolved”