Transfer shares to Dhan

Can someone share the updated post or steps to transfer shares from Zerodha/Angel to Dhan? So many of my clients are struggling to transfer their shares to Dhan.

Link mentioned at step1 itself is not working. That’s why I asked for latest updated post. Thanks for the help though.

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Hi @LovishGupta,

Apologize for the oversight. We’ve updated the link now.

If you need any help with share transfer, feel free to reach out here.

Anirudha, Can you update the screenshots as well. Please refer to the screenshot I am sharing here. Also, Can you update the process after this as per CDSL’s latest screens?

Hi @LovishGupta, we’ll update the entire process by end of next week. Thank you for highlighting this to us.

cc: @ravimukherjee

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