Introducing: Trending Stocks on Dhan

Hello Everyone,

Any trader requires these two most important things for trading - speed of order execution and access to real-time analytics & information.

On Dhan, we have built on both these factors extensively with improved speed of execution of orders and availability of a range of analytical tools on Dhan. For analytical tools, we have advanced Option Chain with Insights, OI Data, Strategy Builder, Portfolio Insights, Live Scanners and more for each segment. And for Order Execution beyond extremely fast trade execution, we brought to you Iceberg Orders, save your Order Preferences, single-tap Price Max and many more to make your trading experience seamless.

These are one of many reasons why thousands of traders login across Dhan platforms to track and trade. And this is when Dhan becomes their window to the markets.

You know by now, we love to build on our technology stack and make your experience of Dhan better every day. Starting today, we are also bringing to you insights from what other fellow traders on Dhan are doing. We hope this leads to discovery of newer insights and also possibly what other investors and traders on Dhan are up to everyday.

Trending Stocks on Dhan!

Now you can also see what Investors and Traders are doing on Dhan, which stocks they are searching the most for, which ones they are buying on MTF and which ones on Delivery. All this analysis is straight on your Dhan Web.

On Dhan Web, you can Navigate to Markets section and see ‘Trending with Dhan’ to see

  • Most Bought Stocks
  • Most Sold Stocks
  • Most Bought in MTF
  • Most Pledged Stocks
  • Most Delivered in Portfolio
  • Most Searched Stocks

As data forms an integral part of trading, traders look out for more leading indicators than lagging ones. And what better leading indicator than to track which instruments are being looked out for the most by traders on Dhan. This data gets updated in real-time and shows up insights from the past 48 hours at any time.

With this, tracking momentum becomes seamless with emerging trends easier to track.

We are building products at Dhan each day based on user feedback with iterative development. Do tell us your feedback about ‘Trending on Dhan’ and what we should add next.

Happy Trading!

– Hardik

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Add scanners in dhan app

which type of scanners

Scanner on web please available on dhan app

Thanks Dhan for adding new things.
Also request to solve pivot point indicator issue which not solved by Dhan form several months.
If you really respect your customer, then I hope you will solve indicator issues as early as possible. Else customer can leave Dhan and choose another broker which can give problem free indicators.

@Hardik Feature looks interesting and will be increasingly useful at an increasing scale.

I have a question though. Are individual watchlists tracked on Dhan? Or, is it just a data on a scale thing?

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Hello @Vishal664 @Vaibhav1007 @Vikram @thisisbanerjee

Live Scanners are available in Options Trader App, where you can get all your settings synced as well.

There are a range of scanners available on our platform, do check them out and let us know

@Vikram Can you please share the link of the thread where you mentioned the issue or highlight the same here? Will take a look and update you

It is aggregated data on scale, no individual watchlists as such are monitored by Dhan.

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Thanks for clarifying the privacy issues. Appreciate it.

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hi i need one help (Most Delivered in Portfolio) if i add in my portfolio for one can give gud return in one year.