Now Live: Fast Sell with DDPI (Demat Debit Pledge Instruction)

Hello everyone,

At Dhan, we’ve always believed in user convenience and transparency while we are building our products & experiences. These are principles with which we’ve built so many features for our Super Traders and Investors in our short journey of a year.

Some of them were even industry-first, like our Transaction Estimator, which allows you to view the break-up of your charges even before you place your first trade. A few months later, India’s largest exchange issued a circular mandating brokers to show the charges levied on a trade at the order placement window.

With this philosophy embedded in the way we build products, I am happy to announce today that Dhan has launched an online DDPI facility for all our users starting with the Dhan app.

What is Demat Debit Pledge Instruction?

I’m sure most of you reading this would be familiar with PoA (power of attorney). Even though it was optional, brokers used to collect PoA from their clients to debit the shares from their account. However, this was always prone to misuse, with instances of brokers debiting shares without a sell trade from the client or just breaking the clause in general.

This was aggravated by the fact that PoA gave the brokers a lot of rights, most of which the client was unaware of. So last year, SEBI introduced DDPI, which stands for Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction.

How is DDPI different from PoA?

DDPI not only limits the debit of shares to instances of a sell trade initiated by the user, SEBI has also restricted the use of DDPI for limited purposes only, the entirety of which include (as of now):

  • Transfer of Securities
  • Pledging/re-pledging of Securities
  • Mutual fund transactions through Demat Account
  • Tendering shares in an open offer

DDPI essentially replaces PoA effective from 19th November, 2022. While all of the above features may take time for the depositories to roll-out (and we will keep you posted), for now we are excited to introduce DDPI for selling of stocks from your demat account, post which transfer of securities on selling for settlement will happen with DDPI.

How to activate DDPI on Dhan?

  • Go to your Portfolio section in your Dhan App
  • Head to Manage Portfolio
  • Click on “DDPI for Fast Sell”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, which would require you to eSign using the Aadhaar-based OTP validation (this ensures security of your account)*

Of course, we have made the process very simple and intuitive; we understand a lot of our users do not want to go through CDSL’s OTP or T-PIN based e-DIS process every time they wish to sell their holdings.

So whenever you decide to sell your holding, you will be prompted with two options:

  1. Sell via the usual route, entering the OTP and T-PIN when we transfer you to CDSL screen
  2. Opt for “Fast-Sell via DDPI”, where you would be prompted to complete the eSign process and opt-in for this service.*

The next time you decide to sell your holding (once DDPI is activated), you will be able to instantly sell, without the need to go through CDSL flow for EDIS / TPIN verification.

Why is DDPI chargeable?

Dhan is possibly the first Stock Broking platform in India to introduce an online DDPI facility for its users. This has required us to invest significantly in the infrastructure to support this, including procuring stamp papers, handling and transportation charges, then scanning and digitising the entire process as well. We also support Aadhaar-based eSign to ensure security, where we incur some cost as well.

Our goal remains to provide user convenience, for which we are providing this service at cost, at ₹100. We believe that this is going to help a lot of our Super Traders and Investors. A gentle reminder to our users that Dhan does not charge any brokerage for Delivery transactions or any AMC for Demat Account, and with that we are offering DDPI at cost itself. This is also one time charge for DDPI to set up, post that the service continues to be free for Lifetime.

In fact, selling stocks without a T-PIN based e-DIS process is only one of the benefits of opting for DDPI. Going forward, you would also be able to:

  • Sell MTF (Margin Trading Facility) holdings with ease
  • Unlock Forever Sell orders for Equity (coming soon)
  • Unlock Forever Sell orders for MTF (coming soon)
  • Unlock OCO orders for Equity / MTF (coming soon)

A few important things to note:

  1. Kindly enter the same Aadhaar number which you had used while onboarding on Dhan.
  2. It usually takes 24 hours for DDPI to get activated after you complete the e-Sign process. We will send you an email when it is activated successfully.

We would love for you to try this out and experience it for yourself. Do let us know in case of any feedback at

– Hardik,
Product at Dhan.


Rs. 100 is one off charge or will the amount be charged for each sell transaction going forward?


DDPI activation charge of ₹100 is a one-time charge only. The brokerage charges on Dhan remains the same as always - link.



Thanks for Introducing this new feature, please let us know this INR 100 is for One Time Charge for Selling or For Every Time we would be charged as and when we sell our Stocks on Dhan ? Please reply. Thanks

Done, process was smooth.
Another first in industry , thnx Dhan !


Not getting option for DDPI…
Nor there is any update pending in playstore

Hello @Satyam

We are rolling out the new version of app in phases. You will receive the app update within next couple of days.

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Thank you team,
Wonderful features are coming day by day, Really happy with Dhan


Much needed feature , Thank you for introducing it


Thanks @yogesh86k & @AkshayN for the appreciation :slight_smile: helps in working more harder to provide exemplary trading/investing experience to all the users.

Digitising DDPI process by procuring stamps, scanning, esigning etc… shows Dhan is prepared to go to any extent to make life easier for its users. Very well done!


@Hardik Great feature I was waiting for to put my all Money in Dhan. But last step left. Do you have any timeline when we will have GTT on sell side for requity.

Hi @nx.vijay, This is in few weeks from now.

We are working on this list, its nearly done - Upcoming Features on Dhan: for Jan & Feb 2023. Also in parallel, we are working to making some core trading features better, hygiene checks for good.

Will pick up Forever Orders (GTT) for Equity / MTF soon.


Thank you Dhan

Mujhe lagta hai ab users ko aur acha lagega jab yeh feature unlock ho jayega!

Specially swing trader …


What a fabulous feature to override OTP each day for selling the shares. And a very easy process to sign DDPI with a nominal charge which includes further upgrades in these lines. Kudos to Dhan for implementing this much-needed feature. Dhan is listening to its traders, and investors and implementing the tech for us on regular basis.

Looking forward to Forever Sell (GTT) orders now. More Power to team Dhan :muscle:



I have DDPI activated. But still shows to go for CDSL authorisation. When I placed a sell order from my holdings, it didn’t ask for CDSL authorisation though.

But on web page that option is still available for me.

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Hi @Shally, On web this feature will roll-out by early next week. Its budget week and markets are more than volatile this week, we are not pushing new updates this week.


Without OCO orders, swing traders can barely trade on Dhan. I don’t know how you guys are swing trading on this platform. I switched back to Zerodha only because of OCO sell orders.


Currently i am using price alerts for sell. As dhan promises soon we are going to see forever sell order for equity/MTF and OCO order too.